Brad Lane – Writer & Photographer

Hello! Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Brad Lane, and I am a freelance writer and photographer currently based in Portland, Oregon. Before moving closer to the coast, I called Missoula, Montana home.

Much of my ongoing work is for the online travel publication, PlanetWare, which uses my specialties as an on-location travel writer. 

Brad Lane – Freelance Travel Writer & Photographer

Aside from travel reporting, I have authored a dozen magazine articles and developed several professional photos for print. I have also generated hundreds of commercial blog posts that add to my extensive Writing Portfolio.

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Six Weeks in Scotland

Brad Lane, Author

Shouldering the backpack I carried across Scotland for the past six weeks, I stood in the long line at Portland airport customs.

“Business or pleasure?” The customs agent asked with a clichéd tone.

“Business,” I replied, explaining my job as a travel writer for I kept my answer simple, though, I might have lied to a federal customs officer. But I was weary of raising red flags by rambling about the merits of solo travel writing.


Edinburgh Castle, seen from Inverleith Park

It was all pleasure six weeks earlier landing in Edinburgh. The first 10 days of my trip were spent photographing the top free things to do and top things to do in the city. I wasted little time checking things off my list. 

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Getting Outside with Outdoor Project

From August through October 2020, I documented 25+ hikes for the online trail encyclopedia known as As part of their “Adventure Deeper” program, I hit area trails for three months with my camera in hand. And my regional travels near Missoula offered a true wealth of places to explore. Hand-picked below are 13 of just a few of my favorite shots from my Montana travels. To check out the complete project, pop on over to my portfolio

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The Most Beautiful Stretch on the Pacific Crest Trail

Coming across the cowboy and his two horses, I knew I had to take their picture. Set against the upright backdrop of the Klickton Divide, on the boundary marker of the Yakima Indian Reservation, my hiking partners and I met the equestrian group as they were enjoying the view.


The cowboy didn’t mind his picture being taken, neither did the horses I suppose, and their photo would eventually land me second place in the Equestrian Category of the 2017 PCTA Photo Contest. After four months of daily hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), the route never failed to provide something new to appreciate. Little did we know at that moment though, standing next to our cowboy gate-greeter who had just come from the other way, this was just the beginning of the most beautiful stretch of trail on the entire PCT.

“Ya’ll have yourself a good time,” our cowboy companion tipped his Stetson our way.

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How I Survived the 2017 Solar Eclipse

I was set to see the 2017 Solar Eclipse in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and I was not looking forward to it. I had inadvertently planned a three-week reporting trip in South Dakota and Wyoming at the exact time totality would be crossing the nation. With an already logistically stacked schedule ahead of me, it seemed the stars were not lining up in my favor when it came to the solar eclipse.

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