Outdoor Project – Adventure Contributor

It’s funny how life works out sometimes. When I first started pursuing freelance writing in 2014, I was living in Wenatchee, Washington, and I got hooked up with this young website called OutdoorProject.com.

With the little free time I had between working at the local ski hill and chasing other assignments, I signed a contract with Outdoor Project to photograph, GPS track, and report on 20+ winter adventures in Washington. I barely finished the project before spring melted all the snow. 

In 2020, with my blossomed travel writing career stymied by global events, I was struck to see an invitation in my inbox to collaborate with Outdoor Project again. This time, summer adventures, and roughly six years of experience behind me. For this most recent project, I completed 26 of these detailed adventures in the course of 2.5 months.

I like to think my 2020 adventure reports reflect a new level of writing prowess, but the old ones are still informative and fun to read. You can decide for yourself what six years of experience has done for me by checking out the complete collection:

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