(Washington Reporting)

After spending two months reporting on Oregon attractions, campgrounds, and hiking trails for the online publication, (see: PlanetWare Oregon Reporting), I switched gears and crossed state lines to do the same in Washington.

A few highlights include the state’s three national parks. I also visited Seattle and several surrounding cities. And with former residency in the state, it felt good to be back exploring Washington. My five weeks touring the state flew by and was filled with glaciers, rain forests, and (unfortunately) some severe wildfire smoke in Seattle.

You can find some of my favorite articles from my Washington travels below, with links to my complete Washington article collection at the bottom of the post:

Having lived in Washington before, I had already started my collection of Washington articles before revisiting in 2018. Below is my complete archive of Washington based articles I’ve produced for

For even more excitement, check out this photo collection from my visits to all three national parks in Washington (Rainier, Olympic & North Cascades)

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