(Oregon Reporting)

In June and July of 2018, I traveled across Oregon to report on assignments for the online travel publication Scouting out the best campgrounds, tourist attractions, and hiking trails of the state, I also covered top-rated waterfalls, hot springs, and any adventure I could find.

Beginning this reporting and photo expedition, I donned my hiking boots and trekked (on foot) the entire 360-mile Oregon Coast Trail carrying my camera and backpack.

Check out these select articles from that three-week odyssey of sandy beaches, impressive sea stacks, and a couple of sore feet:

After exploring the Oregon coast, I hitched a bus back to Portland to explore the city and meet some deadlines. From Portland, the national forests of Oregon were my home for another three weeks, where I searched out all the best hot springs, waterfalls, and hiking trails.

Check out these select articles from this expedition:

For the entire Oregon experience, here is the cumulative list of Oregon articles I’ve published to date on

Still want more? Check out this photo gallery from my Oregon adventures:

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